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GSTS fixtures are nearly 100 times more effective than a common air-cooled lighting system.

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GSTS offers the most advanced, wholly integrated grow light system in the indoor agriculture industry. Our holistic system approach to indoor agriculture minimizes the energy requirement for lucrative indoor farming.

  • Liquid Cooled LED Grow Lights

  • Cooling &
    Dehumidification System

  • Facility Control

  • Engineering Design & Services


Our lights are made for growing leafy greens, be they vegetables or cannabis the science remains the same.

Our fixtures give indoor growers in any market distinct advantages. Because our lights are able to run cool they are able to be placed just 8 inches above the canopy of the plants without causing any damage.

GS Thermal has the highest and most uniform PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) ratings in a five by five footprint.

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Indoor Farming

Urban indoor vegetable facilities are now more feasible than ever – and profitable!

The combination of transportation and energy demands/constraints that for decades eliminated or minimized profits can now be sidestepped with the GS Thermal vegetable grow system. (irregular weather patterns and changing cultural demands/ desire for better quality food) Now indoor farms can be made a profitable reality even in the most unpredictable and unforgiving outdoor climates.

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Our liquid cooled lighting systems were designed for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. Our technology is truly transformative designed to optimize energy efficiency and maximize yield.

GS Thermal integrates advanced cooling/dehumidification technology with revolutionary light design, so you can boost energy savings while cutting the carbon footprint of your facility.  

Optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution allow for faster and more consistent plant growth. Our LED grow lights enable growers to control specific spectral combinations to maximize plant quality and yield.

Innovative Liquid-Cooled LED Fixtures

  • High power LED diodes to enhance light penetration
  • Low heat radiation allows plants to be located closer to the light source
  • Low profile and radiation heat transfer make our systems suitable for multiple grow levels (tiered grow)
  • Waterproof LED (IP65) allows lights to work in any damp or wet conditions
  • High-temperature environments 
  • UL and FCC certification

One of the most interesting elements of our system is our unique cooling/dehumidification unit. Our dehumidification unit with a pre-cooler reduces the load of the grow room by 40% and eliminates reheat requirements. When working with a chiller with an economizer it can make full use of “free” cooling in the winter.

Our cooling/dehumidification system is designed to capture the wasted heat from our liquid-cooled LED lights and use it for dehumidification and reheating purposes– reducing the cooling load. Our central facility control system optimizes operation conditions to maximize system efficiency.

Competitive Advantages

  • Combined with an outdoor chiller the system can give free cooling during winter while maximizing system efficiency
  • The air-to-air heat exchanger helps to pre-cool air entering the unit while reheating it as it passes while reheating the air leaving the deep cooling process dehumidification process, this process improves the energy efficiency.
  • Optional with CO2 spray system integration.

GS Thermal Solutions’  advanced central control and monitoring system give users real-time monitoring and control of their facility’s operations from a cloud-based platform.

The facility control system notifies specific personnel or users if any setting parameter goes out of range. This feature helps growers to minimize the risk while maximizing the productivity of the facility

Central Control allows the user to:

  • Monitor and control the operating condition of the grow rooms and facilities
  • Control each range of spectrum intensity at an individual or a group of GSTS Lighting fixtures. It also monitors and records the power consumption of the lighting system.
  • Monitor,  control, and record the grow environment conditions.
  • Export energy and grow data for analysis or  share with others
  • Instantaneous lighting, environment, and nutrient optimization to increase yield and productivity without wasting energy.

Complex science made simple

Our patented Liquid-Cooled LED Lighting System removes up to 90% of the total waste heat out of your grow environment. This removed heat can be reclaimed or reused in your facility to reduce overall energy consumption.

The GS Thermal LED grow system employs the same shadowless technology as surgical operating room lights. This allows maximum light penetration at all levels and angles in your space, not just at the top of the canopy. read more

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