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GS Thermal Solutions (Green Sustainable Thermal Solutions) of Danbury, CT offers the most advanced complete grow system in the indoor agriculture industry. Our system’s combination of unique liquid-cooled LED, innovative cooling/dehumidification, and proprietary control system software allows the grower to customize, monitor and optimize the indoor grow process.

The GS Grow System is the most energy efficient grow system in the world.

GS Thermal integrates advanced cooling technology with revolutionary light design that amplifies energy savings and significantly reduces the size and impact of your operation’s carbon footprint.

Products & Engineering Services

Technologically advanced, liquid-cooled lighting systems (lights with integrated cooling) for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. (Patent US9857068)

Our liquid cooled lighting systems were designed for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. Our technology is truly transformative designed to optimize energy efficiency and maximize yield.

Optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution allow for faster and more consistent plant growth. Our LED grow lights enable growers to control specific spectral combinations to maximize plant quality and yield.

High energy efficiency cooling/dehumidification unit repurposes the reclaimed light heat for dehumidification and air conditioning. significantly reduce energy consumption. (Patent Pending)

Our cooling/dehumidification system is designed to capture the wasted heat from our liquid-cooled LED lights and use it for dehumidification and reheating purposes– reducing the cooling load. Our central facility control system optimizes operation conditions to maximize system efficiency.

The completely integrated system allows operators to monitor and control their system 24/7 onsite or remotely.

GS Thermal Solutions’ advanced central control and monitoring system give users real-time monitoring and control of their facility’s operations from a cloud-based platform.

The facility control system notifies specific personnel or users if any setting parameter goes out of range. This feature helps growers to minimize the risk while maximizing the productivity of the facility.

Engineering Services: With 40+ years in the design and successful maintenance of high-efficiency cooling systems, our team brings the field experience needed to make your operation a success.

GSTS offers integrated system design and engineering services to provide our growers with state-of-the-art systems that maximize production while maintaining optimum energy efficiency.

We are committed to delivering the indoor agriculture market with the most advanced and energy efficient grow system available.

The entire system has both UL and IP-65 certifications.

Interested in learning more? We invite you to join us for a live demonstration online or at your facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ken Nguyen

With backgrounds in Technology, Technical Graphics, and a Mechanical Engineer degree Ken can take an idea through design and production.

Before joining GS Thermal Solutions Ken and his team developed multiple cooling devices that are operating in major data centers today. Key was the key inventor and designer for the XtraLife Meat display merchandiser, the most energy efficient open display merchandiser on the market. While a student Ken invented the Hubless Windmill recognized by the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovations Alliance and featured on Discovery Channel and Popular Science magazine.

Ming Zhang

Ming Zhang has over twenty years’ experience with heat transfer, refrigeration, and energy systems. He received his Engineering PhD from Pennsylvania State University.

Ming is a leading expert in data centre cooling technologies. He developed new cooling systems for data centers that generate up to 80% energy savings. Ming developed nextgeneration heat exchangers and CO2 secondary loop & cascade systems for supermarket applications. Ming is an active member of ASHRAE and ASME, serving as technical committee member for ASHRAE TC8.4 and TC10.6.

Rick DePalma

For over 30 years, Rick has designed and managed the implementation of numerous complex multi-million dollar technology and construction projects. His clients served include a broad range of Fortune 500 and other blue-chip global corporations. Additionally, he has managed many large special projects for CEOs of such major companies.

For the last five years, Rick served as executive vice president of special operations at Intertech LLC. And was responsible for managing the implementation of highly efficient modular data centers, including energy-efficient cooling systems, for major clients such as TELUS, JP Morgan Chase, and Lenovo.

Stephen M. Paduano

Graduate of Boston College in Economics.

Steve started, owned and ran a multimillion dollar electronics company for 30 years. Company distributed electronic parts, produced sub-assemblies for a number of fortune five hundred companies and designed and installed trading floors.

A principal and manager of a small investment firm with holding in Real Estate and Stocks

Marketed and help develop an innovative high speed material stamping machine for precision products in the medical and automotive industry.