NASA Research Determines LEDs Provide The Optimum Light Wavelengths for Plant Growth

By conducting extensive research, NASA determined that LED lights are the best single source lights for growing plants on Earth as well as in space.

If you question whether LED grow lights truly offer advantages when compared to HID lights, then take some time to review a summary (PDF) of NASA’s research about different types of grow lights. According to NASA scientists, LED lights provide the best source of lighting for plants cultivated indoors. Some of the factors that led to the research team making this decision include:

  • LED lights do not require ballasts like fluorescent and other older lights do.
  • LED lighting offers the flexibility of opting for monochromatic lights or a mix of different wavelengths.

Since LEDs emit little to no heat, they can be mounted closer to plants than other lights, which makes LEDs the optimal choice for lighting in small contained places.

Once the NASA research scientists determined that LED lights offer the most optimal lighting for plants, they studied the effects of different light wavelengths on plant growth.  Learn More