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GSTS Cooling/Dehumidification

One of the most interesting elements of our system is our unique cooling/dehumidification unit. Our dehumidification unit with a pre-cooler reduces the load of the grow room by 40% and eliminates reheat requirements. When working with a chiller with an economizer it can make full use of “free” cooling in the winter.

Our cooling/dehumidification system is designed to capture the wasted heat from our liquid-cooled LED lights and use it for dehumidification and reheating purposes– reducing the cooling load. Our central facility control system optimizes operation conditions to maximize system efficiency.

Competitive Advantages

  • Combined with an outdoor chiller the system can give free cooling during winter while maximizing system efficiency
  • The air-to-air heat exchanger helps to pre-cool air entering the unit while reheating it as it passes while reheating the air leaving the deep cooling process dehumidification process, this process improves the energy efficiency.
  • Optional with CO2 spray system integration.

Our unit delivers an efficiency improvement up to 80% as compared to the best conventional cooling/dehumidification technology.