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Our holistic system is the most energy efficient and complete growing system on the market.

The GSTS system integrates advanced cooling technology with revolutionary light design. The lights in our systems amplify energy savings and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Creating the ideal light and environmental conditions to grow plants and vegetables indoors is a scientific endeavor that calls on multiple fields of study.

All GSTS LED lights can be individually addressed or assigned to groups for remotely operated spectrum intensity control during a given grow program’s specified time period.

You can add control time steps that vary on intensity, duration and wavelength. Each element of the grow plan can be pre-programmed, documented and saved on a schedule to make it easy to stay organized and document your work and spectral “time steps.” The Master Grower then has the option to save or modify their settings for data analysis, sharing or replication.

This feature is unique to GSTS and greatly reduces labor costs as the majority of fixtures on the market currently require growers to be on-site and in the grow area to manually adjust and operate light performance and spectral delivery.

Having saved and documented ‘grow recipes’ reduces the possibility of human error and cost. These grow procedures can be saved and replicated. Grow recipes allow growers to increase yield through refinement in the process over time.

Ours grow recipes make continuous improvement through growth cycles a standard by capturing and recording the necessary the data.

  • The beauty of the system is in its flexibility – you can have different types of growth on different channels all monitored by a single system.
  • Lights can be addressed individually or in groups.
  • The computer controlled light spectral features can be tuned to meet the grower’s needs, all while documenting process throughout the grow cycle.