Our lights are made for growing leafy greens–be it vegetables or cannabis, the science remains largely the same.

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Our lights are made for growing leafy greens–be it vegetables or cannabis, the science remains largely the same.

Our liquid cooled lighting systems were designed for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. The GSTS technology is truly transformative, designed to optimize energy efficiency, crop density and yield.

Our fixtures give indoor growers in any market distinct advantages. Our liquid cooled lights can be placed just 8 inches above the canopy of the plants without causing any damage to the crop.

Shadowless Technology Provides Deeper Light Penetration 

With our shadowless technology, we are able to ensure our fixtures deliver more light penetration deep into the plant canopy, maximizing the light absorption–this is why our light  dispersion allows GSTS growers to cultivate the most robust plants, decrease the flowering cycle time and increase yield.

Lighting Spectral Control

Having saved and documented ‘grow recipes’ reduces the possibility of human error and cost. These grow procedures can be saved and replicated. Grow recipes allow growers to increase yield through refinement in the process over time.

Ours grow recipes make continuous improvement through growth cycles a standard by capturing and recording the necessary the data.

  • The beauty of the system is in its flexibility – you can have different types of growth on different channels all monitored by a single system.
  • Lights can be addressed individually or in groups.
  • The computer controlled light spectral features can be tuned to meet the grower’s needs, all while documenting process throughout the grow cycle.