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All of our light systems are fully automated, making for a truly modernized grow system.

Our complete integrated grow solution includes lighting, cooling/dehumidification, control and monitoring system, providing unmatched performance.

Grow your bottom line and shrink your carbon footprint

  • 20% shorter grow cycles
  • 50% increased crop yields
  • 50% reduction in labor
  • 40% reduction in lighting energy
  • Up to 80% reduction for cooling and dehumidification

To optimize efficiency and production output, GSTS grow systems are able to integrate seamlessly into existing building management system

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Vegetative​ ​Grow​ ​Solutions

In the past two decades, we have watched the steady growth of the organic, (pesticide-free) vegetable market. Our scientists set about designing an indoor grow system to solve for the obstacles blocking the market from profitability.

By removing these obstacles, GSTS help our partners to make way for a healthier, greener future.

Energy, labor and transportation drive up the cost of organic foods.

The conventional grow systems in use today carry much of the blame. By running inefficient systems, indoor growers drive up market prices of organic fruits and vegetables, making these healthy foods attractive only to a small window of the buying public.

The ecological impact of these older growing styles is a large, compounding carbon footprint.

Cannabis Grow Solutions

Cannabis is a very fragile plant requiring a lot of light energy to sustain its vitality and growth. GSTS provides a green solution for cannabis market professionals looking to grow for improving yield and quality.

The main driving production cost of all indoor grow operations is the energy required to grow.

By drastically reducing the energy need of grow systems, GSTS has solved the cannabis industry’s largest challenge. In designing a light that cuts energy requirements, we also found a way to reduce labor needs and human errors in turn.

Couple our energy saving light systems with the heat reclamation and software capability of our complete indoor grow solution.Then you will see why GS/TS lighting system is the best choice for indoor cannabis grow operations.

Our systems are the most cost-effective, powerful, energy efficient and ecologically friendly available today.

We can integrate our system into existing Building Management Systems (BMS), providing superior and complete environmental control

GSTS will utilize all the existing mechanical systems and renewable energy sources of your chosen facility.

[For example, the presence of geothermal wells can be a great asset for heating, cooling. The fluid cooler can utilize the cold outdoor environment to provide “free cooling” during the colder months of the year. ]

Adaptability and sustainability drive our mission, we will work with any natural assets your location may have.