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Grow​ ​fuller,​ ​plants​ ​faster​ ​while​ ​saving​ ​on​ ​energy​ ​and​ ​labor!

Our system stands as a truly green, complete, indoor grow system capable of producing robust plants in a shorter grow cycle. GSTS technology is the most significant energy and labor-saving system in the world.

GSTS systems HVAC requirements for growing vegetable/cannabis slashes the industry standard by 50%

Our lights deliver optimized light spectrum controls dictated by our comprehensive and easy to use software system. Our light design allows your plants to be daisy chained together and connected to a single pump and manifold system. Because our lights run cold, our water-cooled LED lights have slashed the need for your indoor grow operation to run fans and other costly cooling systems. Our high efficiency LED lights to solve the issues of previous LED light generations while eliminating the market need for HPS systems.

Our holistic system approach to indoor agriculture minimizes the energy requirement for lucrative indoor farming.