All-in-One Solution

A Fully Integrated Cannabis Grow Solution

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  • All-in-One Solution

    • Patented Technology
    • 50% More Efficient than Traditional Solutions
    • Custom Environmental & BMS Control Platform
  • We Merge Technology with Horticulture Science

    • Equipment Designed by Data Center Engineers & 20-year Horticulture Veterans
    • Studied, Tested, and Certified by Professional Cannabis Cultivators
  • We Help Customers Grow More, Better & With Less Expense

    • Our Powerful GSTS1000 Increases Yield
    • Spectral Light Control can be Tailored to Plant Genetics
    • The Integrated System Reduces OpEx by ~50%
  • GSTS Partnership with QIC Consulting

    • Extensive Scaled Grow Experience – Award-Winning
    • SOP Development & Training, Asset Management
    • Science-Based Experience with GS Spectrum
    • Exclusive Davy Jones Genetics