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User-Friendly Software and Management System

Our smart building and growth control system is easy to operate, intuitive and user-friendly. Our system puts complete environmental control in the hands of the operator, allowing growers to monitor and control their operational process with mechanical precision.

Remote, Programmable, Automated = Longer Function and Improved Reliability AND, best of all it is easy to use!

GSTS’ Liquid Cooled LED Lighting System:

  • Automates the growing process, which can cut up to 50% of labor expenses and eliminate costly errors.
  • Providing growers a central control system to monitor real-time system performance data through an intuitive display.
  • The GSTS-1000 and GSTS-V60 have been designed as an in-line, remotely programmable, completely automated growth system.
  • The light control system allows a grower to customize, store and share data with other growers.
  • This information can be put to use through cooperative analysis of software metrics leading to increased yield and plant replication.

Commercial Growing

Lights can also be “addressed” and integrated with a large facilities central control system [key to maintaining multiple grow rooms or many facilities from a centralized control system].

With the GSTS system, your complete facility is integrated and can be set to behave according to the feedback of the grow master remotely. All data is logged and recorded for analysis and continuous system improvement.

GSTS Central Control System

  • Central control and monitoring system allow the operator to have a complete overview of facility operations.
  • Real-time data display system provides immediate data to operators.
  • Web-based communication can be accessed offsite through a computer, tablet or smartphone remotely.
  • System data can be recorded and exported for energy or grow analysis.
  • Light spectrum and intensity set points can be stored for optimization, sharing and future reference.

GSTS Complete Grow Solution