Facility Control System

User-Friendly Software and Management System

Facility Control System 2019-03-20T23:19:43+00:00
  • System Integration

    • Uses industrial leading hardware in automation
    • A completely integrated control system
    • Allows the operator to monitor, control, and automate the lighting, cooling, mechanical & electrical, as well as other features of the grow operation.
  • Feedback and Alert

    • Control system contains multilayer feedback and alert functionality
    • Total oversight of the system
    • Reduces the overall operation cost by minimizing personal & labor
  • Data Collection

    • Ability to watch live data
    • Automatically collects all of the electrical, mechanical & grow data that the system is generating
    • Data can be used to help refine, improve & replicate the growing process
  • Remote Access

    • Allows operators remote access to the system to monitor, control, analysis, troubleshoot, and service without the need to be in the facility
    • Significantly reduces the cost of operation