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GSTS Lights deliver a significant reduction in lighting energy consumption

Whether it be one light or thousands, GSTS liquid cooled fixtures provide the energy solution best suited for a grow-indoor environment.

Our system integrates advanced cooling technology with revolutionary light design. The lights in our systems amplify energy savings and significantly reduce your facility’s carbon footprint.

The GSTS-1000/GSTS-V60 are capable of being configured in a daisy-chain. Our lights can be remotely programmable for a completely automated growth system. Since our liquid cooled loop provides sufficient cooling for the LEDs, the fixture can operate at extreme environmental temperatures without reducing the light’s lifespan or encountering light degradation of the diodes over time.

PAR Output:

To ensure sufficient growth in both quality and quantity of product, our GSTS1000 was designed to be the most powerful light on the market.

Optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution allow for faster and more consistent plant growth. Our LED grow lights enable growers to control specific spectral combination to maximize plant quality and yield.