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GSTS Green Cooling and Dehumidification–we do things differently.

Current industry practice has it backward!

In a traditional cooling and dehumidification unit: air is pulled in from the grow environment, then processed through the deep cooling unit to draw out its moisture.  In order to reintroduce the air into the grow environment, it must be reheated, causing a significant increase in overall energy consumption.

The traditional system consumes large amounts of expensive energy.

The GSTS cooling/dehumidification unit is the most energy efficient on the market. Our system runs cooler, so we have less work to do in cooling down the hot, wet air it produces as a by-product.

One of the most interesting elements of our system is our unique cooling/dehumidification unit. Our dehumidification unit with a pre-cooler reduces the load of the grow room by 40% and eliminates reheat requirements. When working with a chiller with an economizer it can make full use of “free” cooling in the winter.

Our cooling/dehumidification system is designed to capture the wasted heat from our liquid-cooled LED lights and use it for dehumidification and reheating purposes– reducing the cooling load. Our central facility control system optimizes operation conditions to maximize system efficiency.