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Our​ ​Grow​ ​Light​ ​Models

We​ ​produce​ ​two​ ​lights​ ​suitable​ ​for​ ​both​ ​complete​ ​grow​ ​phases:

GS Thermal Solutions, Inc. has developed the world’s most advanced LED grow light, cooling and control system for indoor cultivation of plants and vegetables. The integrated design allows you to save up to 80% of energy consumption.


The high quality light bars are made from durable extruded aluminum and include integrated fluid cooling channels. The lights frame and housings are fabricated with galvanized, powder coated sheet metal to ensure the durability of the fixture. The entire unit is rated IP65, providing a dust proof and water tight fixture suitable for grow environments.


The broad range AC input voltage (110VAC to 277VAC) adapts to both individual or industrial applications. Independent spectral dimming from 120 – 1,020 Watts of input power offers unmatched flexibility in both coverage area and grow styles.



Spectrum and controls

The GSTS1000 contains 7 groups of high power 3-Watt LED’s whose comprised spectrum targets plant photosynthesis. With our computerized control software, the GSTS1000 provides millions of spectra combinations that can be customized to the specific plant’s genetic while targeting each stage of growth.

Product GSTS 1000

  • Capacity 1,020W (controllable 80W-1,020W)
  • Voltage 120-277 VAC , 50/60Hz
  • Current 8.5A @ 120V
    4.25A @ 240V
    3.7 A @ 277V
  • Dimension 38.5” (W) x 42.5” (L) x 4” (H)
  • Diodes Osram 3W Diodes
    450nm Blue
    590nm Amber
    630nm Red
    660nm Deep Red
    730nm Far Red
    Combination White Spectrum
    Customized Spectra Available
  • # of Diodes 392
  • Efficiency Up to 2.4 μmol/J
  • Ingress Protection IP 65 (Dust tight and water proof)
  • Cooling Media Liquid
  • Flow Rate 0.35 GPM
  • Liquid Heat Rejection 500 Watt (1706 Btu/hr)
  • Certification

GS Thermal Solutions

  • High power LED diodes to enhance light penetration.
  • Uniform light distribution for consistent plant growth.
  • Targeted spectra for maximum photosynthesis absorption.
  • Spectra ratio control to fit any method and grow stage of plants.
  • Low heat radiation allows plants to be located closer to light source.
  • Low profile and radiation heat transfer makes the system suitable for multiple grow levels.
  • Water proof LED (IP65) designs to work in moisture or wet condition.
  • Combination white spectrum (occupancy mode) allows growers to easily service the plants and facility.

GSTS-V60 Air/Liquid Cooled Technology

  • Our vegetative light, the GSTS-V60 (links to technology)
  • Controlling flow rates of the light’s liquid cool element, the light can be utilized for both the heating and cooling needs of the grow environment. (Patent Pending*)
  • Our first-in-class, liquid cool-LED vegetative light model provides optimized light spectra and power/wattage for young vegetative growth. This light can be stacked tiered grow and includes GSTS powered shadowless technology; providing the ideal conditions for maximum yield and plant fullness.
  • This light was designed to deliver the exact light nutrition young plants in the vegetative cycle require.

GSTS-V60 Technical Data

  • Capacity : 60W (205 btu/hr) (Controllable 6W-60W)
  • Voltage: 90-277 V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 45”x2.5”x1.5” (LxWxH)
  • Diodes: Custom Options Available
  • Safety: IP65 (dust and water resistance)
  • Efficiency: 2.7 µmol/J
  • PPF/ Light: 162 µmol
  • Cooling: Natural Convection and/or Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Requirement
  • Media:
    • Inlet Temp. Flow Rate Heat Rejection
    • Liquid (Water/Water and glycol mix) 40oF-120oF
    • 0.02 GPM/Light
    • 30 Watts max (90% of passive heat)


The industries first liquid-cooled LED lights

GSTS’ lights provide a simple solution which has long plagued the indoor grow industry. Our lights are liquid cooled enabling our systems to run at a lower cost with higher efficiency. As the cool liquid flows over the LEDs in the light fixture, the wasted heat created by the LEDs is transferred to the liquid and is removed from the growth environment. The wasted heat can be reclaimed and reused within the system increasing the efficiency of the facility overall.

GSTS lights utilize flowing liquid inside our light housing, directly above our LED lights themselves. This liquid not only cools the LEDs making them more energy efficient but also removes up to 90% of the wasted heat energy from the grow environment entirely.

This reduces the need for HVAC environmental reconditioning as the heated liquid is transported to other parts of the growing environment to be repurposed for dehumidification, creating even larger energy savings.

We are able to place our lights 8 inches above the canopy of the plants without causing any damage. This becomes a tremendous economy of scale advantage, especially growing vegetables because growers can vertically stack one grow layer above another without worrying about the heat from the other lights.