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Before GS Thermal Solutions renovated our facility we struggled with large electrical bills coming from our HPS lights used in our grow rooms. The Liquid Cooled LEDs have dramatically reduced costs while boosting our gram/watt average.

Charlie from Maryland

The GSTS team developed and engineered our entire operation. They optimized our entire facility to take advantage of the energy rebates available from our utility company as well as took advantage of our on site geothermal wells to cool the liquid cooled fixtures. The spectral intensity control, the effectiveness of the LEDs, and the safety features of the fixture made working with GS Thermal Solutions the most profitable decision our management team ever made.

Linda from Massachusetts

The greater Los Angeles area was the birthplace of this [cannabis] movement. Out here as growers, we’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, we’ve experienced it all. The GSTS-1000 is a new ball game! They have given us so much more to play with! The control system allows a cultivator to make the most of the knowledge he or she has acquired over the years. The system control makes it so easy to take your plants in and out of veg, have them flower sooner, play with different strains and genetics – it’s the whole package.

Cory from California

After growing with HPS lights for my entire life, I couldn’t believe the range of options on the GSTS-1000 watt fixture! Having wavelength intensity control at my fingertips was truly a new way to grow – welcome to the future!

Bill from Maine

Growing on a commercial scale, there is so many variables with the potential to be overlooked, we have to be prepared for everything. As a cultivator, my goal is to make plants grow healthy, strong, and produce as much product as possible. The GSTS system makes this a reality while taking out many of the potential pitfalls that come with growing with systems that don’t offer the same control and safety features that our team has come to depend on.

Matt from Colorado

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